Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's your go-to quilt?

I'm doing a section in my booth for beginners. So I'm making samples using conetemporary fabrics. Pics to follow once the flimsies are done. I'm making the standard Yellow Brick Road (Atkinson Designs) in Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit. Don't forget to read and follow the directions. I had to tend to dinner and came back to cutting and forgot one important step. Now I have to scrouge for more FQ! Darn it. I'm making Turning Twenty Again from shades of grey/blue batiks. This one will have a special surprise.

What is your go-to quilt? What do you recommend to beginners?

The old nine patch works too. How about charm squares? I turned my niece loose with a bunch of Funky Monkey and the featherweight and at 8 she made her first quilt. According to my Mom, her last. For now anyway.

Let me know.


  1. bento box is a great quick and easy pattern.
    and a bit less 'traditional' than the standards.

  2. I recently discovered a pattern for a D9P made with 10" squares - so it only takes one layer cake plus 5 contrasting 10" squares for the centers of the 9-patch blocks. It makes a nice size lap quilt really fast! I also like the sudoku quilt (really easy to kit up!) and of course, a charm quilt is a great one for newbies, because it's a lot of repeat sewing and they gain confidence the more they sew.

  3. Zigzag is my go to pattern. And Stacked Coins.