Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Thursday

What a crazy week. Monday was a very unhappy day at work. I knew it would be. So, on the way in, I stopped at my local Safeway and bought flowers for myself. a dozen long stem red roses, some white carnations (the small ones), some alstramaria (I'm sure that's SIC), and a nice heavy vase. I miss having flowers on my desk. My favorite roses are English roses, have you ever smelled one? Pure and sweet, with just a little dash of spice. Sorry to say not a part of the yard decor here (rememeber Bambi and her little ones). But just wait, I'm still thinking of putting in a Graham Thomas (my fav yellow). Hard to have them at home, my kitties think they need to nibble on plant life here. Plus, sadly, I am at work more than home, so flowers are destined for the desk. The photo below is my favorite climber, New Dawn. Mmmm.

What's your favorite flower for your desk or work area?

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