Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long

Welcome to the #fwqal2014!

OOOPS! Omnigrip is called Invisigrip made by the folks that brought us the Olfa cutter.

You will need to sign up for the Farmer's Wife newsletter at:

You will need all ten charts. There are some blocks that can’t be made using the templates. You can make two or more of the blocks to make up however many you need for the size quilt you want to make.

I’d like to start in September/October. I know you are all busy with summer vacation, yard work, etc.

Supply list
(I’ve inserted check boxes for you to keep track.)

The book . You must own a copy of the book, “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt” by Laurie Hird. The cutting instructions are just that, cutting instructions that use the Perfect Patchwork Templates. Each chart of cutting instructions outlines what templates and rulers are needed to make the blocks.

At a minimum you will need:

Perfect Patchwork Templates Set A 
Perfect Patchwork Templates Set B 
Perfect Patchwork Templates Set C 
Perfect Patchwork Templates Set D 
Perfect Patchwork Templates Set N 
Perfect Patchwork Templates Set S&M (combined) 

Recommended:  Omnigrip. It is a plastic/vinyl that you can put on the bottom of the templates to help hold them in place. If you feel the need, a Klutz glove  (safety first). It is a glove put out by Fons and Porter for use with a rotary cutter.

A 6.5 x 6.5 inch ruler . My personal favorite is the one by Creative Grids. It has built in gripper dots.

A 3 inch x 18 inch ruler   (or whatever you have to cut strips)

28mm rotary cutter and a new blade 

Small rotating cutting mat or a small rotary cutting mat . It helps as you cut around the templates to move the mat and not your fabric. Makes for more accurate cutting. I like the small Fiskars mat or my little green mat set on top of my big green mat.

New sewing machine needle(s), I use an 80/12 universal or 80/12 topstitch needle 

50 weight thread, I like Aurifil and Superior Masterpiece. Use thread to match. 

Straight stitch throat plate (if you have it great, if not, that’s ok; it just helps when piecing small blocks) 

Seam ripper. Sorry, but we all make mistakes. 

Fine sewing pins   I like the Clover brand with the glass heads. I can iron them and they won’t melt.

Scissors to cut threads as you sew. I use the chain piecing method. Saves thread.

Scissors that can cut seams so they will lay flat. More on that later.

Iron to press blocks and fabric  (ironing board is implied or is it inferred?)

Starch . I like Best Press, haven’t tried Soak and I use the heavy duty supermarket kind too.

Snacks . Choose your own. Cutting, pressing and sewing is hard work. You need nourishment. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

I almost forgot.

Fabric 

Well, I think this is doable with a fat quarter bundle plus a nice border. Of course you’ll need sashing, setting triangles, cornerstones, etc. It is meant as a scrappy quilt. Oh, and background. And, a backing.

This all is a matter of preference. I’m using all different kinds of fabric to make my practice blocks so I’m better prepared when we start. Some I like, some, well not so much. Scale is important. Remember, these are 6 inch finished (6-1/2 inch unfinished) blocks so if you love the big florals, think about it before you cut. The book’s blocks were done in lots of darks. Contrast is important. If you look at my Instagram feed, you’ll notice that some of the blocks blend in too much and you can’t really see the block. What you see up close doesn’t always translate well when you step back. If in doubt of a fabric, cut a 2-1/2 inch swatch. Still like it? Go ahead and use it. Worst case, you remake a block. Buy extra of a print you like and you can always pull from your stash. Worst case, you have leftover fabrics. You can make extra blocks to put on the back of the quilt, make a pillow, or add back to your stash. You get the idea. Personally, I prefer extra rather than not enough.

Disclaimer:  I do not guarantee any results. This is for fun. My intention is for us to do this together to make a lot of blocks that we can put in a quilt or our UFO pile. We will be here to support each other. No quilt police allowed. Constructive criticism will be accepted, but anyone who doesn't play nice, well, you know the rest of that story.

Ok! So, any questions? Remember this is for fun!


Auntie Pami

#fwqal2014 supply list/5-23-14


  1. Thank you for organizing this QAL Auntie Pami :)

  2. It's Invisigrip, Pam!! I just looked it up.

  3. Thank you! I can't wait for this to begin! (I needed an excuse to start it, since I have so many UFO's.) My fabric bundle arrived yesterday; I'm using Soho Chic, by Moda, and I know it will be gorgeous when it is finished!

  4. :( could not locate farmers wife newsletter....looked at from marti site ?!?

  5. This sounds great. I'd love to QAL.

  6. Can't wait to get started. I have the book, most of the MM templates, and the fabrics :)