Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sundays & the 12 days of Christmas

My husband is not feeling well. Which is not normal for him. He is actually crashed out  on our "Coma Couch" napping. This is going to be a crazy week. We are (hopefully) rearranging our furniture and doing some computer wrangling. May have some down time, just depends on how much energy we can muster. And, it's COLD!

But, on a brighter note, my Mom is coming home today! She's been at her brother's house taking care of him for quite some time. I've already warned her I have several piles of blocks ready to set. You know there is a quilt show in February. I probably will do one more in October. Not sure if I can make it over to the other side for any shows this summer. I'm limited on space (I drive a Prius). We will be looking for a small trailer that can be pulled with DH's Tundra. I'm planning on getting some shelving that can just stay in the trailer and be used for shows. Less hassle!

Ok, so here's a question. I've been getting lots of 12 Days of Christmas ads lately. Really? When do the 12 days actually start? Maybe I'll just do my own.

Enjoy your day of rest! I have fabric to press and cut and sew back together. I have been designing a couple of quilts, hope to have something to show later this week!


  1. Well I google searched info on the origin of '12 Days of Christmas and they all conflict. So chose your own as it seems everyone else has thru history.

  2. I always thought the 12 days of Christmas started on Christmas day ... the day Christ was born, the wise men followed the star, etc., etc.! That's when my 12 days of Christmas start! I refuse to be rushed. =:)