Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Saturday/

The snow is quickly melting away! The sun is shining (but more rain and wind are coming).

I have a new pegboard display for my quilt show. I've just went shopping for some blank signage. I need a cute header for it, so I'll be off to the scrapbook store for some cute (pink of course) paper on Monday. It is has three panels --

One is for hand embroidery
One is for English Paper Piecing (have to make a story board-I'm doing a demo)
One is for sewing notions.

I'm super excited! I did order a gridwall display and it will ship in February (I hope) and it will be full of Schnibbles, Bunny Hill, Acorn Quilts Cozy Quilts new Thimble Blossoms, & more! Things are slowly coming together for my new adventure--I really want to do more quilt shows (hopefully within a one to four hour commute radius). I need a book display. Do you like books front out in a rack (they do get some bending) or like a little library? I am still looking for some fun shelving (I have my eye on some that will need to be repainted (a soft white)). I also would like some black polyester (lightweight) draping (have you ever tried to press 120" inch x 8 feet draping) I think poly is the way to go.

I'm looking for a old time mannequin/body double to be my apron display. Something for purses/bags too. I may just try a coat rack. I like to try on purses before I buy them, don't you?

I've ordered floss displays (otherwise known as Artbin boxes) for my Cosmo Floss and Seasons Floss. I like to hand embroider, but I'm better at cross stitch. So glad to see it coming back!

Now all I need is a pink pick up truck and an empty Bambi Airstream trailer to haul it all in. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Check out my pins--

See you soon!

ps--FedEx just brought me a box--maybe UPS is not too far behind! I'll be sure to post some pictures on Facebook and Pinterest for you! My first show of the year is 17/18 February with Kitsap Quilters at the Kitsap Pavillion.

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