Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas (early)

Well, here it is the last Friday before the big holiday.

Are you ready?

We're skipping Christmas this year. We still are not quite settled. Lots of little repairs to do around the house (hanging light fixtures, curtain rods, fixing broken switches and outlets). Really you say? Didn't you buy a new house? Yup. Don't think we'll ever, ever buy another foreclosure/flip. We did get a good deal initially, but things are adding up. Yikes.

Enough whining.

Tell me what you are doing this year. Be sure if you are a no-reply blogger (lump of coal for you) that I have a way to get a hold of you. Auntie has some presents for her followers. What's on your quilty wish list?

Talk to you on Monday! Lots of (quilty) news!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How I spent my summer vacation, sort of

I've been putting this off forever. It's been crazy around the homefront this year.

Major events:

My husband decided to retire.
Sold our house (in six days)!
Bought a house in Arizona.
Moved. Wow, now I see why people sell their stuff and start over. Lots of trips to get it all down here.
Still unpacking.
Looking for a new job (me). Uncle is retired, remember?

I do miss the Navy moves. They come in, they pack, they move, you move, they come in and unpack. Life goes on.

So, in other words, I have a nice sewing room, but I don't have the shelf space I once did. So, I have a lot to re-home. Sad for me, good for you. I still haven't decided on a new website/logo yet. Still tossing some ideas around.

In the next few weeks, I'll be listing items here at some crazy good prices. Need a back? I have an overload of charm packs (some that are very hard to find), lots of novelty prints (think I-Spy), and some patterns/books too.

Looking for anything special? Let me know. I may have it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

What have I been up to?

Obviously waiting in line at the Post Office is not on the list. If you won a prize, it's coming this week.

Life keeps getting in the way of life. More on that to come. Maybe.

I got to do something fun for a friend and hopefully I can share more info on that soon (as I can get a photo). She is one of my oldest blog buddies and I just love her to pieces.

Is it Spring yet? I miss my babies. One turned out to be a little buck. Last time we say him he was a one point, Uncle says it's called a 'spike'.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winner, winner, what's for dinner?

Sorry, couldn't resist!

Trudie, you are the lucky receipiant of the 12 piece Swatch Buddies!

Email me with your address...

Thanks for playing!

BTW, we don't have chicken for dinner on Sunday, normally it is reserved for pot roast. Not sure what's for dinner tonight, we had a late lunch.

Do you have a good crock pot meal? I need a break!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Friday!

Saturday (tomorrow) I have a big chore. I have to, absolutely have to clean out my business room. Why you ask? Well, over the winter, it's cold and I moved what I needed to the dining room. Now I have to move it back. But, I've been tossing things in and out all winter. Yeah, you know how it is, out of sight, out of mind. Somewhere in there are they marbles I'm missing.

But, I digress.

Have you seen or tried these Swatch Buddies? I really like them. I have certain fabrics that I adore and use all the time. Think basics (not solids). I just so happen to have an extra 12 piece just for you guys! You know the drill, post how you would use it and share the love with your friends. Sunday night, I'll have Uncle pick a winner (let's say 4pm PST).

Yes, embroidery is back...more to come...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winners, revisited

I know I'm late. If I told you why, well, you know the rest of the story.

I didn't hear back from two of the winners, so let's try this again.

I've emailed/posted two more winners.  Congrats!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last chance

Good morning!

I just wanted to remind the winners to contact me. I have not heard from two. If I don't hear back from you by 6:00 am tomorrow (PST) I will choose another winner.

I have a new book to share (sorry, only have one copy). I think you'll like it.

Would you like a hint?

OK, it involves a special kind of thread.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Oh my goodness you guys! As of 6:00 pm I have 329 comments and 131 followers. I must say I have had fun reading all of your posts. Hard to answer them all, but I did answer quite a few.

Allison is really one of my favorite designers. I have most of her patterns and quite a few are UFO's. (I have a short attention span sometimes.)

So, let's get down to the winners:

The winner of the mini charm packs (I have Marmalade and Tapestry, you can pick which one (I'll send you two)) is

Congratulations RachelC--you are the winner of the mini charm pack! on New Book!

in response to I haven't seen the book in stores here yet, but I know I'm going to want to make at least half of them!! Thanks for a fab giveaway opportunity! :-), by RachelC.

And the winner of two charm packs (one Honey by Kate Spain and one Posey by Aneela Hooey) is

Would Love to win a copy of the book ... or a charm pack. :o) Thanks for the giveaways!

And finally, the winner of the book is

Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.netFriday, 11 January, 2013
I am sure you will reach your goal:) I have become a follower. Thanks for the give away.

Congratulations! Be sure to contact me so I can get your goodies in the mail.

I have a dozen copies of the book on my website at $18.95 (instead of $26.95) and will post them first class mail (I'm guessing about $2.50?) for one week or until sold out.

Thank you so much for playing and let's do this again soon! And, a special thank you to my friends Sarah and Allison.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Book!

Have you seen this book?

You can see the cover quilts, but I stole, ahem, borrowed these images from Martingale so I could share. I want to make at least half of them right away. Some of my favorite blogs to read are featured. Can you guess whose quilts are whose?

Let's see---

Here is Miss Cluck Cluck Sew herself with her "Scattered" quilt. Look closer at the binding--I got mine! Yellows and greens are not my colors, but I sure do like this one. I can't find a nice light background, so I may have to put this one on hold a bit.

And, "Everythings Coming Up Rainbows"...I'm using Kona Cotton in Oyster for my background.

But, best of all you guys--I have a book just for you! Enter a comment to win and invite some friends too. Spread the love (please). I have some super duper cute charm squares on the truck, and if I hit the big 50 followers, I'll draw a name for the book and a name for a couple of charms and maybe, just maybe, some mini's!


ps have you started your Scrappy Trip Along (I hear Sarah is rocking it already) and I have my strips cut and have actually started the first block!

Drawing will be Sunday night, 6pm PST.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Good morning!

Is it really 2013? Wow.

More to come.