Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy news!

Good morning!

Last week was kinda crazy. Monday I had a 'procedure', you know, one of those 'have to do' things. Piece of cake. The prep was worse than the test. Got a call about lunch time and was offered a new job! Of course, I accepted and start on the 5th of November. We took off to Portland Wednesday and Thursday for a quick little family get together with the DH's family. GPS took us too many weird routes, but once we got ready to leave, three turns and we were on the freeway. Lesson learned, don't hit 'alternate route', should be 'takes forever and you will want to scream'. The day after the party, we got up early and ran some Portland errands. Still didn't get to Ikea. I think we have a bit of anxiety going there. But, I really, really want to look for some new linens. We visited Bolt. A very eclectic little shop on Alberta. They carry all of the Kaffe Shot Cottons, so I got a few pieces to play with. Did I take any pictures? No, I didn't. Sad, isn't it? I even had my camera and my phone with me. The only pictures I took were of my chili dog at Weinerschnitzel and my #9 at Jimmy John's. I warned you, I'm not the best blogger and if I promised I'd improve, do you think I would?