Friday, January 31, 2014

Quilt shows

Why do we go to quilt shows?

I like the interaction with other people. I went to the Rusty Barn sewing show in Phoenix today.

I met some really fun people. Did I take any pictures? Nope, not allowed. Did I think to ask, nope.

The other reason we go, shopping. I was a pretty good girl. Pictures to follow. I did splurge on an embroidery cd for Affairs of the Heart. I've always loved that quilt and have had the book for years. Now I might even make it, or start it.

Do you realize tomorrow is February?


  1. I hate it when they don't allow pictures! What's the big deal? We might steal an idea that's been around for a hundred years? Sorry. I got off on a rant -- it's a pet peeve on mine LOL. And this year seems to be whizzing by even faster than last year!

  2. I'm always very envious of American quilters getting to go to shows. We don't seem to have many here - if we're lucky a church hall perhaps!