Monday, March 12, 2012

Sample Spree--the easy way

If you read blogs of the lucky folks that go to Quilt Market, I'm sure you've heard of Sample Spree. That's the mass mayhem that is crazier than the wedding dress run at Filene's Basement. Thankfully, Moda occasionally lets us do a Sample Spree Online.

I ordered Vintage Modern Layer Cakes (two left) and Vintage Modern Charm Packs (eight left). If you are interested, let me know. Free shipping just for my blog readers. Layer cake: $37 and Charm Packs: $8.50 each. First come, first served. Post a note below. I'll contact you with a PayPal invoice.

Note: This offer will end Sunday, March 18, noon PST.

Vintage Modern will go great with Bliss and Ruby. I have a growing collection of charm packs. I try to get at least one of each line I want and eventually I want to do a real charm quilt. Not sure if it will be hexagons, tumblers or whatever. Believe me, it will be super duper hard to cut into them, especially my Roman Holiday and Shangri La charms.

Are you ready for Sarah's H2H Challenge? I am! Can't wait.

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